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6 Tips for a Super Kids Dental Visit

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Kids dental visit dentist HarrisonburgIt’s a known fact that when your child has a great dental visit, everyone can breathe a little easier. The opposite is also true: when your child has an unpleasant dental experience, everyone suffers. As the parent, your heart breaks when your child is frightened or uncomfortable, but the dentist and the dental team also feel terrible about not being able to comfort and care for your child, too. Most of all, the young dental patient can truly be traumatized by a dental visit gone wrong. The leading family dentists in Harrisonburg offer the following 6 tips for creating the best possible dental experience for your little one:

  1. Prepare for the visit by giving your child a simple explanation of where they will be going and why. “We’re going to the dentist because we need help keeping your teeth healthy.”
  2. Be positive by avoiding any negative talk about dentistry or the dentist in front of your child.
  3. Set a good example by playing it cool and showing your child that you are relaxed about getting into the dental chair.
  4. Practice good dental habits at home by brushing and flossing twice every day. Tell and show your child how to clean their teeth, allow them to try cleaning their own teeth, and then brush and floss your child’s teeth yourself.
  5. Bring a sibling—only if it helps. If your children tend to behave better when they have a shared dental appointment, most dental offices are happy to accommodate. However, if one child gets especially worked up, it may be best to schedule their appointments separately so that the sibling doesn’t get worried.
  6. Choose a family dentist rather than a cosmetic dentist for a more kid-friendly experience. Harrisonburg family dental offices can accommodate your family’s youngest members, from the size of the dental chairs and x-ray equipment to the flavors and smells of the dental materials.

For more suggestions on making your child’s dental experience super, call to reserve an appointment today.

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