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Adults Beware of this Hidden Dental Problem

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Dental problems can happen to any person, at any age, but here in Harrisonburg, dentists are seeing an interesting dental health issue affecting a growing number of healthy young adults.

Dry mouth is a condition which is a common side-effect of more than 300 medications. However, the problem is on the rise in young adults who do not take any medications on a regular basis. Dentists are seeing an increasing number of professional and athletic adults with gum inflammation and tooth decay, the dental problems that are frequently caused by dry mouth. Getting to the source of the problem is the first step towards eliminating it, but what could cause dry mouth other than medications? The answer might surprise you.

Dry mouth is actually a common problem for anyone who exercises regularly, no matter how difficult the intensity. Dry mouth also impacts people who speak frequently or for extended periods of time. Just think about how parched your mouth feels during lengthy meetings, lectures, or presentations. Whether you are out for a jog or presenting information during a business meeting, you are likely to experience a dry throat, dry tongue, or parched lips.

Saliva is responsible for lubricating the mouth, and without it, you’ll be challenged with more than just a little difficulty in speaking. You may also find that bad breath becomes a problem. Your risk for cavities increases significantly in response to oral dryness. When the mouth feels sticky and dry, the gum tissue is likely to become tender and inflamed.

Harrisonburg dentists recommend that you make an effort to increase your water intake to counteract the problems caused by dryness. Try to avoid reaching for a sports beverage or sweet tea, though. In a dry environment, the sugars and acids contained in these beverages can make your problems much worse instead of better.

It is possible to identify and prevent the issues associated with dry mouth through regular dental checkups. To learn more, call to schedule your dental exam today.

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