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Harrisonburg Dentist Trusts Root Canal Therapy to Save Teeth

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tooth anatomy Root Canal Therapy is a great option for a tooth that has had the pulp (nerve) tissue compromised due to infection or injury. Requiring a root canal to save a tooth can sound a bit unnerving, but by contacting a Harrisonburg dentist, you can find comfort in understanding the procedure and its benefits.

The pulp within a tooth is a soft tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves. On occasion the pulp tissue can be damaged by trauma or disease and the tooth is unable to be repaired by the body. The tooth will require either an extraction or a root canal. If a root canal has been decided as the best treatment after a discussion between you and your dentist, then the pulp has to be removed from the inside of the tooth chamber and from inside the tooth root.

The dentist or endodontist (a specialist in the treatment of pulp, root, and surrounding dental tissues) will completely numb the area, so you will be very comfortable during the procedure. Because bacteria has now invaded the interior of the tooth structure, the area is at high risk of a severe infection. The diseased pulp will be removed, the chamber and canal are cleaned and shaped, and finally the chamber and canal will be filled with a material to seal and prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

The tooth can be restored and will remain fully functional. Once the root canal has been completed, a crown will be placed on the tooth. Because the tooth is no longer alive, the tooth can become brittle, therefore a crown in necessary to create stability.

Whether the dentist completes the root canal or you are referred to an endodontist, you will be in great hands. A root canal procedure can help you to maintain a healthy and functional mouth. Contact a Harrisonburg dentist today for an appointment and answers to your questions about root canal therapy.

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