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Adults Beware of this Hidden Dental Problem

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Dental problems can happen to any person, at any age, but here in Harrisonburg, dentists are seeing an interesting dental health issue affecting a growing number of healthy young adults. Dry mouth is a condition which is a common side-effect of more than 300 medications. However, the problem is on the rise in young adults […]

When to Talk to the Dentist about a Root Canal

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It is quite possible that the root canal procedure has developed the worst reputation of any known dental procedure. The top dentists in Harrisonburg would agree that the poor reputation is undeserved, and there are a number of instances when the procedure could be your last hope for saving a tooth. Without the root canal […]

6 Tips for a Super Kids Dental Visit

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It’s a known fact that when your child has a great dental visit, everyone can breathe a little easier. The opposite is also true: when your child has an unpleasant dental experience, everyone suffers. As the parent, your heart breaks when your child is frightened or uncomfortable, but the dentist and the dental team also […]

Dental Implants are Almost Always Best

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It would be difficult to overstate the benefits of dental implants. They are long-lasting, natural-looking, conservative, and highly functional. However, if you are missing a tooth, don’t be in a rush to call a Harrisonburg dentist and insist on an implant. While implants are almost always the best solution, there are some circumstances that could […]

Dental Health Concerns About Older Adults

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As adults age, their oral health needs can change considerably. Understanding these changing needs can help to keep older adults healthier and happier well into the Golden Years. If you are advancing in age, or if you are taking a greater responsibility for the health of your parents, these tips from the top dentists in […]