Front Office Staff

Sarah Foley

Sarah is a native of the Shenandoah Valley and she is the Insurance Coordinator at our office. Not only does Sarah bring a wealth of experience with 8 years in the medical and dental field, but she also has a vibrant and energetic personality that fits right in with our team.

Outside of work, Sarah has a deep love for animals. In fact, she shares her home with two adorable dogs and four lovely cats. If you ever want to talk about your furry friends or need some pet advice, Sarah is the go-to person! When she's not busy at the office, you might find Sarah exploring antique shops, searching for hidden treasures. She has a keen eye for unique finds and loves the thrill of discovering something special. Another one of Sarah's favorite activities is visiting the dog park. She enjoys watching her pups run and play, and she's always up for a friendly chat with fellow dog owners. If you're looking for a dog park buddy or need a recommendation on the best local spots, Sarah is your expert! Above all, Sarah cherishes spending quality time with her family. Whether it's a cozy movie night or an exciting outdoor adventure, she knows the importance of creating lasting memories with loved ones.